Carol Haynes


Carol is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher with more than twenty years experience. Living locally, Carol has a particular interest in accessible yoga and also runs classes for our Carers Relaxation Programme.

Contact Carol at or call 07719 342536 or visit her website.


Julie Baker


With over ten years of teaching experience, Birmingham-based Julie is a certified Iyengar yoga teacher to Junior Intermediate Level.

Contact Julie at or call 07903 967438.



Ildiko Bakos


Trained in India, Ildy blends traditional yoga styles with contemporary approaches. Her teaching style is spontaneous and lighthearted, offering students a positive and uplifting experience while they connect with themselves.

Contact Ildy at or call 07542 307646.

James Critchlow

James has been teaching for over thirty years. He has trained in a number of yoga styles and started teaching the Ashtanga System in 1990. James aims to make his classes accessible and enjoyable to people of varying levels of ability and experience.

Contact James at or call 07967 211748

Rebecca Bonnet


Having practised for many years, Rebecca qualified with Friends of Yoga International and has been teaching Hatha yoga since 2016. Her classes offer a balance or repeated sequences and new postures to keep you challenged, ensuring  whole-body attention.

Contact Rebecca at or call 0758 467 1196


Other classes are led by Satyananda teacher Sue Duffy.